Admissions Policy

1st Hartford Scouts Admissions Policy 2023

December 2023


This document outlines the entry policy for 1st Hartford Scout Group. It’s important to note that entry criteria primarily becomes a factor when the group reaches capacity. Entry at the Squirrel or Beaver level can significantly impact progression into other sections more than entry at the Explorer level.

Thus, it’s crucial to have a well-defined policy for entry into Squirrels, Beavers and Cubs, while maintaining consistency across Scouts and Explorers.

Entry into the individual section resides with the Team Leader (Previously Section Leader) for the Section. Any queries can be escalated to the Lead Volunteer (previously GSL) at 1st Hartford Scouts should this be felt necessary.


1. Local Community Priority: Entry to the Group is available for all young persons who live within the Cheshire West and Chester Council constituency boundary for Hartford and Greenbank l (Hartford, Greenbank and Firdale).We will favourably look on requests from Kingsmead and Castle.

2. Siblings Policy: If an older sibling is already a member of the Group, even though the family no longer live within the bounds of Hartford, we will accept younger members of the same family subject to there being a place available in the relevant section.

3. Leaders’ Children Priority: Children of adults who are Leaders with the Group or who are members of the Group Trustee Board will be accepted without reference to their address subject to there being a place available in the relevant section. Also, the children of any parent who volunteers to be a Leader or Team member (previously Sectional Assistant) will be given priority.

The children of adult Leaders and members of the Group Trustee Board gain entry to the relevant section as soon as they reach the minimum age. They do not go on the waiting list.

4. Scout Association Transfers: We are bound under Scout Association rules to accept transfers from other groups of existing members of the movement who physically move house into the Hartford area subject to there being a place available in the relevant section.

5. Waiting List Management: Waiting lists for entry to a section deemed to be ‘full’ will be kept by the relevant Section Leader and will take into account the applicant’s age and the date his/her parents first contacted the Group. Waiting lists should not include any applicant who is more than two years below the minimum age qualification for the relevant section.

Inclusion on the waiting list is not a guarantee of a place within the Section or Group. Being part of the Group already does not guarantee a place in the next section.

7. Handling Full Sections: When a section is full and a child has reached the entry age, entry will be deferred until a vacancy arises within that section. This policy will also apply to existing members of the movement who are transferees because of a house move and these transferees will take precedence over those on any waiting list held by the Section Leader.

Inclusivity and Diversity Statement

At 1st Hartford Scout Group, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment where every young person has the opportunity to thrive. We align with the principles outlined by Scouts UK in promoting inclusivity and diversity within our community. Our group welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, abilities, cultures, orientations, identities, and communities.

We draw upon the guidance provided by Scouts UK on inclusion and diversity (Inclusion and Diversity at Scouts UK) to inform our practices and policies. Our commitment is in line with the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy of Scouts UK, ensuring that every member feels valued, respected, and empowered.

We strive to create a space where everyone feels a sense of belonging and inclusion in our Scout Group. In our recruitment, activities, and operations, we are dedicated to promoting equality and understanding. Additionally, we adhere to the Policies, Organisation and Rules (POR) of Scouts UK (Scouts UK POR) to ensure our practices are consistent with national standards.

Through these efforts, we aim to make every member feel a part of our vibrant and diverse community, contributing to their personal growth and the enrichment of our group

Transparency in Admissions Decisions

To ensure fairness and clarity in our admissions process, 1st Hartford Scout Group adheres to transparent decision-making practices. Decisions regarding admissions are based on the criteria outlined in this policy, considering factors such as local residency, sibling membership, children of leaders and committee members, and transfer cases. In situations where demand exceeds available spots, priority is assigned as detailed in the General Policy section.

We are committed to making our admissions process as transparent and understandable as possible. Parents and guardians have the right to enquire about the status of their child’s application and the rationale behind our admissions decisions.

Review and Update Frequency

The admissions policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains effective, fair, and aligned with the evolving needs of our community and the guidelines set forth by Scouts UK. This review will consider feedback from group members, parents, leaders, and changes in Scouts UK policies and guidelines, including updates in the Scouts UK POR.

We are dedicated to maintaining a policy that reflects best practices in inclusivity, diversity, and fairness. Any significant changes resulting from the review will be communicated to all members of the group and prospective members. By regularly reviewing and updating our policy, we aim to provide an ever-improving environment for our scouts and ensure alignment with the standards and expectations of Scouts UK.